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Lip Sleeping Mask Set - 3 * 3gm

Lip Sleeping Mask Set - 3 * 3gm

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Wake up to soft, supple lips - Overnight Hydration & Renewal

Lip Sleeping Mask Set is more than just a lip balm. It's your overnight companion that works tirelessly, ensuring you wake up with hydrated, renewed, and youthful lips. Let nature's best ingredients give your lips the tender care they deserve.

Experience the magic of overnight hydration and renewal with our Lip Sleeping Mask Set. 

Intense Hydration

Dive deep into a world of hydration. Our mask provides moisture that lasts throughout the night, ensuring you wake up with perfectly hydrated lips ready to face the day.

Glossy Finish

Why wait for special occasions to flaunt those glazed lips? Our mask gifts you that subtle glossy finish, making every day a little more special.

Lip Line Reduction

Turn back time and minimize the appearance of those fine lip lines. Our unique formulation helps reduce lip lines, ensuring youthful lips every morning.

Natural Exfoliation

No more chapped lips! Our mask gently removes dead skin cells, revealing soft, rejuvenated lips beneath, making them feel as good as new.

How To Use

  1. Apply a generous layer on the lips before bedtime.
  2. Leave on overnight, letting the mask work its magic.
  3. Wake up and wipe off or cleanse in the morning to reveal soft, rejuvenated lips.

Hear from our customers

"I never believed in overnight transformations until I tried this mask. My lips have never felt better!” - Jessica, NY

"My morning routine is simpler now; this mask leaves my lips looking plump and fresh!” - Amelia, FL

"I've tried countless lip balms and masks, but this one stands out. My lips feel rejuvenated!” - Sarah, TX

"No more chapped lips during winter, all thanks to this amazing product.” - Clara, CO

"I love the glossy finish! It feels like a spa treatment for my lips every night. - Mia, CA


  • Q: Is this suitable for all lip types, even sensitive ones?
    • A: Yes! Our mask is carefully formulated to be gentle, making it perfect for all lip types.
  • Q: How often should I use the mask?
    • A: For best results, use it every night before going to bed.
  • Q: Can I use this mask under lipstick?
    • A: Absolutely! Just ensure you wipe off the mask in the morning before applying lipstick.
  • Q: Are there any artificial fragrances in the mask?
    • A: No, our Lip Sleeping Mask is free from artificial fragrances, ensuring natural care for your lips.
  • Q: Will this mask feel heavy or sticky on my lips?
    • A: Not at all! Our mask has a lightweight formula, ensuring maximum comfort while sleeping.



Get Ready for a morning lip transformation.

Grab your Lip Sleeping Mask Set today and kiss dry lips goodbye!

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