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Precision Noir: 36H Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner Pen for All-Day Definition.

Precision Noir: 36H Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner Pen for All-Day Definition.

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Define Your Gaze: All-Day Ultra-Precision and Waterproof Elegance. Experience Smudge-Proof, Long-Lasting Perfection.

Accentuate the beauty of your eyes with Precision Noir, the eyeliner that promises waterproof, smudge-proof elegance from day to night. With Precision Noir, experience the epitome of enduring beauty. Our liquid eyeliner pencil offers an ultra-fine tip for the sharpest lines, ensuring quick-drying application and an impressive 36-hour hold. Its waterproof formula guarantees no smudging or blooming, giving you confidence in every stroke. Whether you're aiming for a classic cat-eye, a subtle flick, or a bold graphic liner, this versatile eyeliner makes achieving flawless definition a breeze.

Key Benefits:

  • Ultra-Precise Application: The fine pencil tip allows for delicate thin lines or bold, dramatic strokes with unwavering precision.
  • All-Day Resilience: Enjoy a 36-hour wear that stands up to water, sweat, and tears.
  • Quick-Dry Formula: Your perfect line sets in seconds, ensuring a quick routine without the wait.
  • Versatile Styles: Adaptable for any look, from the minimalist to the avant-garde, our eyeliner provides the versatility your creativity craves.

How to Use:

  1. Steady Your Hand: Rest your elbow on a surface to stabilize your application.
  2. Line the Lash: Draw from the inner corner outward, hugging the lash line for a natural effect.
  3. Add Definition: For a bolder look, thicken the line towards the outer corner and add a wing.
  4. Finalize: Allow the liner to dry for a few seconds without blinking for a perfect finish.

Pro-tip: For the perfect wing, start thin and angle upwards at the outer corners. Remember, a gentle pull on the outer corner helps. Wing it with confidence! 💁‍♀️✨


Q: Will it work on oily eyelids?

A: Absolutely! Our waterproof formula is designed to stay put on all skin types.

Q: How do I remove the eyeliner?

A: Despite its staying power, warm water and your regular makeup remover will do the trick.

Q: Is it suitable for sensitive eyes?

A: Yes, but we recommend a patch test if you're concerned about sensitivity.

Q: How long does the eyeliner take to dry?

A: The eyeliner dries quickly, within a few seconds of application.

Q: Can I remove it with my regular makeup remover? 

Absolutely, even though it's waterproof, a good makeup remover or micellar water will take it off effortlessly. 

Q: How many shades are available? 

A: Currently, we offer four shades, but keep an eye out for more shades launching soon. 

Q: Is the tip of the liner flexible? 

A: Yes, the ultra-fine pencil tip is designed for flexibility, ensuring ease of application for both thin and thick lines. 

Q: Does it smudge if I accidentally rub my eyes?

A: Our Everlast Black Elegance is designed to be smudge-proof once set, ensuring minimal transfer.

Product Specifications:

  • Number of Pieces: One Liquid Eyeliner Pen
  • NET WT: 2.5 g
  • Country of Origin: CHINA
  • Benefit: Long-lasting, Easy to Wear
  • Type: Eyeliner
  • Features: Waterproof, 36-Hour Long-Lasting, Quick-Drying, Smudge-proof

Precision Noir Eyeliner - Your Secret to Effortlessly Defined Iconic Eyes That Last. 

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